Module P5, P6, P8, P10, P16 Full color Outdoor

front maintenance led display modules

smd Front maintenance led display


YUCHIP front maintenance led display use method


P5, P6, P8, P10, P16 led display specifications

Chủng Loại P5 Outdoor P6 Outdoor P8 Outdoor P10 Outdoor P16 Outdoor
Pixel Pitch 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 16mm
Linh kiện đèn SMD 3535 SMD 3535 SMD 3535 SMD3528 DIP 346
Điểm ảnh 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Module size 160x160mm 192x192mm 256x128mm 320x160mm 256x256mm
Độ phân giải Module 32x32dots 32x32dots 32x16dots 32x16dots 16x16dots
Số tấm/m2 39 27 30 20 15
Số modul/nguồn 40A 8 5
Cabinet size (Cabin sắt) Cửa quạt 800x800mm 768x768mm 768x768mm 960x960mm 1024x768mm
Cabinet resolution 160x160dots 128x128dots 96x96dots 96x96dots 64x48dots
Mật độ điểm ảnh/m2 40440dots 27777dots 16500dots 10240dots 4096dots
Độ sáng 7500cd/m2 7000cd/m2 6500cd/m2 6000cd/m2 5500cd/m2
Độ sáng điều chỉnh Automatic 256 levels Automatic 256 levels Automatic 256 levels Automatic 256 levels Automatic 256 levels
Tầm nhìn hiệu quả nhất >5M >6M >8M >10M >16M
Góc nhìn ngang 120° 120° 120° 120° 120°
Góc nhìn dọc 100° 100° 100° 100° 100°
Tiêu thụ điện trung bình 400W/m2 350W/m2 300W/M2 280W/M2 250W/m2
Tiêu thụ điện năng Max 900W/m2 850W/m2 800W/m2 750W/m2 720W/m2
Phương pháp thực hành Phát hành liên tục Phát hành liên tục Phát hành liên tục Phát hành liên tục Phát hành liên tục
Phương pháp quét 1/4 scanning 1/4 scanning 1/4 scanning 1/4 scanning Quyets Tĩnh
MTBF 10000 hours 10000 hours 10000 hours 10000 hours 10000 hours
Thời gian phục vụ 50000 hours 50000 hours 50000 hours 50000 hours 50000 hours
Khung tần số 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Làm mới tần số ≥ 380Hz ≥ 380Hz ≥ 380Hz ≥ 380Hz ≥ 380Hz
Nhiệt độ làm việc -20~+50°C -20~+50°C -20~+50°C -20~+50°C -20~+50°C
Điện áp đầu vào 110~240V 110~240V 110~240V 110~240V 110~240V
Lớp IP(trước/sau) IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43
Tỷ lệ điểm mù <0.00001 <0.00001 <0.00001 <0.00001 <0.00001
Khoảng cách kiểm soát CAT cable : ≤ 100m       muti-mode fiber ≤ 500m      single-mode fiber ≤ 15km

Fullcolor outdoor LED display products are commonly used for:

* Large LED screens for rent or for the area needed for cultural activities

* Used as outdoor advertising media, government and corporate projects, cultural tourism, sports competitions, image advertising, commercial real estate.

* Used as the screen of the storefront screen

MÀn hình LED P10 fullcolor outdoor

Advantages of LED outdoor display

* Science and technology developed and produced more in a short time, so LED outdoor modul produced full color with low cost and the selling price was right.

* Long operating time, persistence, low error

* Use SMD LED technology, so low energy consumption cost savings for users.

Màn hình LED P10 full color ngoài trời CAILIANG


P4.81 LED Display Outdoor HD

Pixel pitch: 4.81mm
Refresh rate: ≥1920Hz
Brightness: ≥6000CD/㎡
Cabinet Size: 500*1000*90mm
Cabinet Weight: 13kg

Outdoor Rental LED Display P4.81

p4.81 outdoor rental led screen

Super light technical

P4.81 rental outdoor led display adopt Narrow frame design,cabinet thickness only 80mm,more easy carry and light cabinet only 13kg,Easy to install and transportation costs saving.

Extreme precision

Die casting aluminum cabinet,each cabinet tolerance only 0.01mm.
Cabinet splicing structure with positioning function,use alignment pin and alignment hole design very easy to connect and install,Whole screen flatness and seam is less than 0.05mm
Humanization handlebar design make you more easy to move the cabinet.

P4.8 LED Display for outdoor rental

P4.81 LED Screen Rental

World Vision

Vertical 150,horizontal 120 viewing visual,make your screen has a larger viewing area.
can get high-quality viewing information whatever which direction you are in.

High-definition picture

P4.81 outdoor led display has High refresh/High contrast can reach 16 bit.Give you colorful viewing sensory.

Outdoor P4.81 LED Display

P4.81 LED Display For Outdoor Rental specification:

Pixel Configuration


Pixel pitch(mm)


Pixel density(dots/m2)


Module resolution(W×H)


Module size (mm)


Module weight (kg)


Maximum power consumption of the module(W)


Module of cabinet (W×H)


Cabinet resolution(W×H)


Cabinet size (mm)


Cabinet area(m2)


Cabinet weight (kg)


Cabinet level up degree(mm)


Maintenance mode


Cabinet raw material

Die-casting aluminum

Single-point brightness correction


Single – point color correction


White Balance Brightness (nits)


Color Temperature (K)


Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical)


Deviation of center distance of light – emitting


Brightness / chromaticity uniformity




Peak power consumption (W / m2)


Average power consumption (W / m2)


Power supply requirements

AC90~264V,frequency 47-63(Hz)

Frame rate (Hz)


Drive mode

Constant drive,1/16扫

Grayscale level


Refresh rate (Hz)


Number of color processing bits


Video playback capabilities


Operating temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)

-20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

Storage temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)

-20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

Applicable standards


Street Light Pole LED Display

Street Light Pole LED Display

Pixel pitch: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
Refresh rate: ≥1200Hz
Cabinet Size: 800mm*1600mm*115mm
Cabinet Weight: 60kg

street light pole led display

outdoor advertising street light pole display

Street Light Pole LED Display With Remote mass control: 3G/4G control without distance limit, massive LED display control synchronously;

Free WiFi: People nearby LED display search its WiFi,identify and log in, then surf on the ineternet freely;

LANWifi3G street light pole led display

street advertisingLED lighting box

Interactive: Our R&D is dedicated to realize interactive functions between LED display advertising and customers;


IR3.91 Rental Indoor LED Screen

Pixel pitch: 3.91mm
Refresh rate: 960Hz
Brightness: 800-1200CD/㎡
Cabinet Size: 500mm*500mm
Cabinet Weight: 6kg

p3.91 indoor rental led display


Ultra-thin Indoor Cast Aluminium

Die Casting Aluminium cabinet 500mm*500mm*65mm

0.1mm gapline between 2 cabinets High technology design

high flatness

True Color

A leading international technology-by-point correction, reducing the use of advanced green color restore feature, fully adapted to the human eye perception of color habits, true to the nature of color.



High refresh rate

the display is stable, no ripples, no flicker, display real and natural.Small pitch LED display non-cable connectors have to improve the stability, easy installation,removal and maintenance .

Outdoor & Indoor LED Poster Display

Outdoor & Indoor LED Poster Display

Pixel pitch: 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
Refresh rate: ≥1000Hz
Brightness  (indoor):800-1200CD/㎡
Cabinet Size: 2600*1290*100mm
Cabinet Weight: 90kg

poster led display-1

poster led display-3

Led Poster can be a better replacement of tradtional lcd screen or led lighting box considering no matter size, brightness, fresh rate, colors display, splicing gap. cost.

P2.5, P3, P4,P5 at optional, high brightness, high definition, bright multi color display.
one whole cabinet to keep good consistency of the whole led display, seamless splicing.

poster led display-4

poster led display-2

Led Poster no need to build an additional structure to settle the led screen,
After your purchasing, you just need to connect led display to base, connect power cable to socket, then it will work.

Indoor Led Ball

Introduction of LED Ball Display

Led video ball for advertising
Sphere LED display (we can also call them sphere LED screen or LED panel, LED global, LED ball) is a creative LED display with a ball shape. It is our patent product developed in 2011. Through improvement and R&D of four years, the technology is mature and promising now.
Up to now, we have accepted orders from casino, shopping mall, bar, disco, exhibition hall, besides it is also be widely used in Museum, Planetarium, Sports Stadium, Airport, Hotel, Railway Station, Children’s Palace, Gymnasium, Lounge or Waiting Hall, Large Open Space, etc.
3) Main feature
Unique Appearance & 360° View angle
Easy installation & Easy operation
4) Model
Customized Design
This patent product can be customized according to different requirement.
You can choose P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8 and P10 with led video ball.
The smallest diameter of it is 1m, above that; You can choose any diameter as you like.

Led Sphere display is a wonderful audio and video player!
Sphere Led is a sharp weapon of advertising!!
Led Video Ball is also an ideal decoration!!!


Install Led Screen Ball: