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PHOENIX CONSTRUCTION AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Is an enterprise in the field of fabrication, construction and installation of mechanical products, textiles, billboards, and the development of the economy. In the domestic market and in line with the integration trend of the world economy, the Company’s leaders have the policy of diversifying production and business lines, improving the technical level and the best services, etc.

In addition, with the experience of a company operating more than 10 years in the field of processing, fabrication, construction and installation of mechanical products structure of the Company is increasingly enhanced and the brand of the Company Also increasingly confirmed in the domestic market. Many products of our company have won the gold medal at the domestic fairs and above all is the recognition and appreciation from the big customers such as Goldsun Group, KYNGUYEN Group …

The company always attaches importance to investing in modern machinery and equipment, enhancing the training to improve the skill level of the workers with the aim of increasing labor productivity and product quality. Coupled with the cost reduction.

Together with the application of ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system, the team of experienced engineers and technicians has become more and more modern. It has gained a large market share in the domestic market, and since then the company has been developing more technology products equivalent to foreign products.

The company has participated in the construction of many key projects such as LED display advertising Vinh Yen City, LED display advertising Artemis Trade Center No. 3 Le Trong Tan, Hanoi …

The company has been active in multilateralisation, cooperation and joint ventures with many companies and organizations in the country for the purpose of technology transfer, application of technological advances to the production process and High tech products.

In the years to come, PHOENIX CONSTRUCTION AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Continues to invest in modernizing modern equipment and technology, strengthening cooperation and joint venture to continuously increase production capacity and ability. The economy in order to ensure the quality of products increasingly meet the increasing needs of customers.

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